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Monday, March 18, 2019

Usually, when people ask me what I do besides Thor, I don’t really have a clear cut answer. This is because in my first two years, I spent most of my time either doing committee work, or studying. This blog will be about what I do when Thor and Het Walhalla are not around.

Ever since I was about 5 years old, I have loved to play football (not hand-egg, that is rugby). I started to play at the local football club when I was six, and only left when I went to study here. I always enjoyed being on the pitch, so much even I became a referee for the last two years I played there.

In my first year, I joined Pusphaira, the student field football association, and also became a referee there. In my second year however, I did not have the time for it, so I quit there. I however quickly missed playing football. Luckily, at that time I first heard about the ‘VeThoranen’, the unofficial Thor indoor football team.

I joined the VeThoranen early in my second year, and still play there every once in a while. My Board year usually prevents me from playing, but whenever I can find time, I love to join them again on the pitch.

Next to football, I also love to solve puzzles, the more difficult the better. I enjoy most forms of puzzles, physical or just on paper, I love them all. This is why, when I am travelling to my parents’ by train, I mostly am solving a puzzle, rather than making my homework. To show you what I mean, I will bring some of my most difficult puzzles with me, see if you can solve them!


David van Son

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