Inline skating!!

Friday, December 21, 2018

For those who know me, it's only a matter of time until a blog about inline skating would appear, so here it is! Honestly, I can't help it, but whenever I have wheels under my feet, it feels like a more natural state to be in. I even feel a sort of “naked” without wheels. If the weather allows it, I often end up covering more kilometers on my wheeled shoes than on my bike. Besides allowing me to move insanely fast, they also increase my freedom of movement by a factor miljuizend, even though they hardly take up any space! No big clumsy metal frame that I need to park in a bike storage whenever I enter a building, I can just keep them on indoors (except at IKEA, I found out they can't really appreciate it). If you think about it, skates are nothing more than some really weird looking shoes that reduce the friction between the floor and your feet to approximately zero (and make me about 125 millimeters taller, which some of my friends still can't really handle).


For me, a skating trip is succesful if, whenever I get home again after 3 hours, I think "I'm never doing this again!". If there is any part of my body that doesn't hurt yet, it means I haven't challenged myself enough. (And most people walking around here probably know that I do hurt myself pretty badly from time to time.) As the challenges increase, the obstacles I jump over become larger, the roads longer, the halfpipes higher, my gear gets expanded as well. When I started off, I had just one pair of skates and a pair of wrist guards. In the meantime I've spent more money on knee, wrist and shin guards than on my first pair of skates (I bought my fourth pair last year).


Actually, this blog is getting too long once again despite the fact that I put a maximum length on our blogs. That's not just because I am trained to spawn a lot of text for my function as a Secretary, but also because once I start talking about inline skating, I just won't shut up until I'm dragged out of Het Walhalla by a Tapper. I've doubted whether I should add "Part one" to the title of this blog but I concluded that it will be a bad idea. If you want to know part two, or if you've got some wheeled shoes covered in dust lying under your bed because you have no one to skate with, or you need advice about buying skates or learning to skate, ask me about it anytime!


Renate Debets

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