The magic of books

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Once again, we’ve arrived at this week of the year, which was one of my favorite weeks when I was a child, except for maybe the week around my birthday and the time of Sinterklaas. The kinderboekenweek started last Wednesday, which is a week which is focused purely on one of my favorite things as a kid: books. As a kid I loved spending time reading books and absorbing the stories in those books.

I can’t even guess how many books I have read when I was young. What I can say, is that it has significantly decreased since I am a student. When I started my studies here in Eindhoven, I noticed that I spend less and less time reading books, which is a shame, because there is a kind of magic in reading a story and completely being sucked into it.

There where many nights I spend reading a book for way to long in the evening when I was little. Up until the point that, when my parents went to bed, they would come check on me to see if I would actually go to sleep more than five hours before I had to wake up for school, again again. This had happened many times, which they mostly noticed by the fact that three days after my visit to the library I was ready to return the books I borrowed and get some new ones.

This weekend my mother asked my whether or not I had some old books to give to our neighbors, two young girls in elementary school. This made me look through my boxes of books up in the attic and bookcases in my room. Looking at the names of all the books in there and thinking of all the stories I have read I felt a longing for going back to the days of reading until 3 a.m. with a small nightlight next to my bed.

I challenge all who read this to take some time this week to think back to the stories of their youth. And maybe, just like I did when I was young, treat yourself to a brand new book this week. I would love to hear what kind of books were read by you guys when you were younger. In my opinion, the magic of books is not just being completely sucked in by a story but also being able to talk about those stories with others who read it.


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