Largest sports program of Eindhoven

400 lessons per week in 70 different sports, fitness and (special) courses under the guidance of qualified (top sports) teachers. In our extensive facilities you can play free sports. At our 38 student sports clubs you have the opportunity to shine in sports, gain management experience and of course enjoy the student life. Seven days a week, before, during or after lecture hours, the SSC is the meeting place on campus for exercise, sports and meetings. At the SSC you challenge yourself, make friendships for life and develop skills you didn't even know existed. So step out of the crowd and take that opportunity to develop yourself.

Get the best out of yourself: get involved!

At the SSC you can also develop yourself socially and professionally. Student sports clubs are for students and run by students. From the chairman to the water carrier, students show initiative and leadership in every field. Every year the whole board changes and makes way for a group of new students who want to gain valuable experience for the future. In addition to board positions, an association offers various places in committees, such as for sponsorship, an (international) tournament, team weekends, activities and lustrum. Leading your club is an unforgettable experience. Already during your student days, you make decisions that you thought were reserved for old wise men and women in a neat costume.

Home away from home

Members of the SSC hail from all provinces of the Netherlands, from every European capital and from all corners of the world. More than 100 different nationalities exercise weekly in and around the SSC. Our sports centre is the meeting place for students and staff of Fontys and the TU/e. Sport itself is already an easy way to build a (new) social life in Eindhoven, but next to all sports activities we also organize various other activities for our campus visitors and residents, such as sports weeks, pubquizzes, Mix&Meet events, Winter specials to celebrate Christmas, and an extensive Summer program. 

 Diversity and inclusiveness 

The SSC is proud of the diverse community of TU/e and Fontys. Top-class sports, performance sports and recreational sports are all possible at the SSC. Both the beginner and the advanced can exercise at the SSC. Whether you are 100% Dutch or have your roots in another country, we offer everything bilingual: Dutch and English. To stimulate diversity and inclusiveness we have appointed a Diversity & Inclusion officer. Together with the students and staff we provide a safe sports environment where everyone can feel at home; a home away from home!