Thales Nederland, a member of the Thales group, was founded in 1922 as a production plant for mechanical naval gunfire control systems. The company's research led to the development of advanced radar systems, electro-optical equipment, underwater detection systems, computers, software programs, displays and communication equipment, in short everything needed for the sensor, weapon control and command systems, and integration, of a naval vessel.

At present, Thales Nederland employs approximately 2000 people and its main products and services include surveillance equipment, combat management systems, weapon control equipment, programme management and combat system integration, training and Integrated Logistic Support. Over the years, the company has gained extensive expertise in implementing procurement programmes together with local industries in customer countries and to cater for comprehensive Transfer of Technology programmes.

Thales Nederland specializes in designing and producing integrated naval command and control, sensor, and communications systems, as well as ground-based air defence systems and telecommunication equipment. Current production and development programmes include a number of unique designs utilizing the latest state-of-the-art in digital beam forming, sensor integration, active phased array antennae, solid state technology and data processing.

Proving to be the world's leader in naval sensors, Thales Nederland has recently developed the so-called Integrated Mast. Integrating all sensors and antennas in one mast structure solves the problems that most naval ships encounter: sensors often block each other's view and interfere with each other when operational. The Integrated Mast offers better performance and lower life cycle costs.

On shore Thales Nederland’s naval expertise is demonstrated by coastal surveillance systems, which include command facilities. Extensive and on-going research and development in the areas of e.g. radar technology and command system functionality will keep Thales Nederland in the forefront of naval combat systems.

Thales Nederland’s activities are not restricted to the defence market. Over the past few years the company has become more and more involved in the Dutch public transport sector through the installation of SmartSwitch rail security systems. The company also plays an important role in the nation-wide e-ticketing program in the Netherlands. Thales Nederland supplies the underlying technology and delivers the services and maintenance of the hardware and software. The system is a world’s first as it enables access to all types of public transport in the country through a single smart card.Thales Nederland’s expertise in high-tech defence systems is utilized in the development and production of SOTAS, one of the world’s most successful vehicle communication systems. SOTAS has been installed in, among others, the well-known Bushmaster vehicles which have been deployed in several of the world’s crisis areas. This expertise is also reflected in Thales’ range of electro-optics and cryogenics that play an essential role in various space programs.