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Monday, December 31, 2018


During the exam period, the 29th of Oktober till the 9th of november, Flux 1.10 and 1.11 are reserved as places where you can study in silence.

Upcoming events

Wed 24 Oct, 12:40

Thales Nederland specializes in designing and producing integrated naval command and control, sensor, and communications systems, as well as ground-based air defence systems and telecommunication equipment and recently also e-ticketing for the public transport system in the Netherlands and the establishment of the cyber security branch.

Thu 25 Oct, 9:00

The department of Electrical Engineering and Automotive Technology has given Thor a 3D printer for their 12th lustrum. Students of the department can use the printer for their courses and projects for a small cost to compensate the materials used. This year Volundr will host a workshop that teaches you how to create a 3D design using OpenSCAD, which is script based 3D design software. OpenSCAD is free and available on many platforms.

Tue 30 Oct, 9:00

Are you having trouble studying for the Circuits course? Do you want to practice one last time with the course material? Then come and join the Circuits exam practice so you can prepare yourself for the final exam.

Sign up at the website ( or via e-mail (

Sun 11 Nov, 8:45

Ladies and gentlemen, boys, girls and other non-binary genders, the best time of the year is almost here: the Carnavalseason! This year the ACCI will organize an excursion to the beautiful city of Maastricht, since we want to celebrate this event with as many people as possible. We will make sure you have a nice breakfast – free of charge – so all you have to pay for are the travel expenses.

Wed 14 Nov, 12:40

This lecture will be in Dutch.

Ben jij benieuwd wat jij als Electrical Engineer of Automotive Engineer kan doen bij het Ministerie van Defensie? Dan is dit je kans! Het onderwerp van deze lezing is: 'Technisch Officier bij Defensie? Je moet het maar kunnen!'

Wed 14 Nov, 17:00

OGD provides ICT services in the areas of infrastructure, service management and software development. OGD does this in the form of outsourcing, projects, advice and temporary deployment of personnel. 
Customers praise the flexibility, friendly pricing and informal organization of OGD.

Learn everything about OGD at the OGD office in Eindhoven.