Upcoming events

Fri 19 Jun, 12:00

Like every year there will be an introduction week for all the new students that are going to study at the TUE next academic year. In order to guide all these new students, we are looking for students who will act as parents to these new students (kiddos) and show them how it is to study (digitally) in Eindhoven.

Sat 20 Jun, 12:00

Since this introduction week looks a lot different, we are also looking for Master Kick-Off buddies. As a buddy during the MKO you will follow the program with a group of students of which most have not studied in Eindhoven before. This is different from an intro parent, as you are not necessarily responsible for this group. The main thing is that you know your ways around the building on the campus, so you can guide the students of your group to the right locations.

Thu 16 Jul, 16:30

Chief! We've got a very special mission for you, a brewery in Best is having big trouble getting rid of its beer. The evil villain C. Orona has put its sales to a halt causing a lot of its production to go to waste if we don't act soon! Your mission will be to let as much beer as possible disappear during the stated times. Weaponry allowed is sipping, slurping, drinking, chugging or whatever you can come up with. Good luck with your mission, see you there!

Thu 23 Jul, 19:30

Be there and be SQUARE! The next competition will include an unique gamemode in Minecraft: Classes! Can you master your favourite class and get the most kills? Lets find out on Thursday, July 23 at 19:30 on the Thor Discord! ~ LanCo