Upcoming events

Mon 11 Dec (All day)

The ReisCo, or study tour committee, is a committee of 6-8 people which organizes a study tour to a country outside Europe. These tours last several weeks and are focused at getting acquainted with the business structures over there as well as getting in touch with other cultures. The committee...
Mon 22 Jan, 19:00

Do you like superheroes? Do you like MARVEL? Then these two weeks are just for you! Come relax at the end of a hard day studying in Het Walhalla from 19:00 till 22:00 and watch a Marvel movie with all your friends. Hurrayy!
Tue 23 Jan, 18:00

On Tuesday the 23rd of January you can watch IRON MAN in Het Walhalla. If you would like to order some wok before this activity, subscribe before 16:00!
Tue 23 Jan, 19:00

The second Marvel Movie we are going to watch is IRON MAN! Since this is probably the best movie that exists, you should come join us on Tuesday the 23rd of January in Het Walhalla to watch it!
Wed 24 Jan, 19:00

More Iron Man is more better! Come watch Iron Man 2 on Wednesday the 24th of January in Het Walhalla!
Fri 26 Jan, 9:00

Are you having trouble studying for the Signals course? Do you want to practice one last time with the course material? Then come and join the Signals exam practice so you can prepare yourself for the final exam Sign up at the website (thor.edu/agenda)