Confidential advisors

As most instances in the Netherlands, the TU/e has confidential advisors (“vertrouwenspersonen”). And even though most don’t know it, students can contact them too!

But when do you contact a confidential advisor?
You can go to a confidential counselor when you experience conflicts with other people working or studying at the TU/e. This can mean inappropriate or unprofessional behavior and endangered (scientific) integrity. Examples can be aggression, violence, sexual harassment, racism, discrimination and bullying. If you are in doubt if this is the case for you, you can still visit them! If they can’t help you solve the problem, they might be able to redirect you to the proper instances.

As they are confidential advisors, they will never tell your story to someone without your approval. However, when you tell them about illegal acts or things that might endanger you or others, they might have to, as this is required by law. They will always tell you when this is the case and help you through the steps that might follow from this.

The only other time when you might have to give up your anonymity is when you want to file a formal complaint against someone. However this is not a necessary step you have to take when visiting a confidential advisor!

I’m interested, how do I contact them?
When you want to visit a confidential advisor, it is easiest to reach them via mail. You don’t have to explain anything in this e-mail if you’re not comfortable with that, you can just make an appointment and tell your story there. They do their best to make sure you can have an appointment within a few days!

Do I have to go by myself?
No, you don’t. You can take someone with you to these appointments. If you do not want to go alone, but also not with a friend, you can even take a board member with you.
If you ever have any doubts or questions, we are here for you!

Who are the confidential advisors?
Mrs. drs. J.M. (Judith) Beenhakker |
Mrs. M.M. (Tineke) van de Bosch-Doreleijers MA |
Mr. dr. ir. H.C.J. (Hjalmar) Mulders |

If your problem is about scientific integrity, you can contact: G.J.F. (GertJan) van Heijst |