Board gets everything back drink

Have you ever seen Tappers brassing from the føt? Have you ever wanted to try it yourself? Well, I have some great news for you! During the Board gets everything back drink you can bras GMM items from the bar and the Board will do a nice tegenpresentatie to get it back!

Het Walhalla
Monday 17-06-2024
16:30 - 19:00

Exam Training Electromagnetics part B

Are you having trouble studying for the course Electromagnetics II (5EPB0) or do you just want some extra practice for your exam? Then come and join the Electromagnetics II exam training so you can prepare yourself for the final exam.

Sign up below or via email (

We will be discussing the exam of June 2016

Thursday 27-06-2024
09:00 - 22:30

Thor intro party

The Tuesday of the introduction week, we will organize a party on the TU/e campus. Together with (former) Thor members, introkiddos and parents!

Koeveld (in front of Auditorium)
Tuesday 20-08-2024
20:00 - 23:59