ASML is changing the world, one nanometer at a time! We’re a high-tech, Netherlands-based company manufacturing complex lithography systems that chipmakers use to produce integrated circuits – aka microchips. 

ICT group

CT Group is at the forefront of industrial automation and digital transformation and has been proving its expertise for over more than 45 years in numerous industries. Digital transformation, Industry 4.0, Data Intelligence, Integration of IT & OT systems are for ICT Group the drivers of what ICT also stands for:  Intelligence Connected Together. We deliver proven technological solutions and are in a unique position to help our clients make their business processes more efficient, flexible, simpler, safer and - as a result - more sustainable.

Together with more than 2,100 dedicated technical professionals, ICT Group is ready to make the world a little smarter every day. 

We operate in various countries and focus on various fields. These include automotive, high-tech, machine and equipment construction and industrial automation. We also play a major role in the world of rail and road traffic and port and distribution logistics. In short, we are visible in many different markets!

As ICT Group, we also develop software products in-house, such as a cloud-based software platform for the supply chain, IoT, digital transformation, AI and our own software for Mobility as a Service. With the Motar low-code platform, we facilitate fast and flexible model-based development with higher speed and lower costs.

Develop yourself at ICT Group

Not only on a technological level can you develop at ICT Group, but also on a mental, physical and social level. Thanks to our own ICT Academy, you can continuously broaden and deepen your skills. The ICT Academy offers more than 50 technical and personal training courses, e-learnings and self-studies.

Your internship and ICT Group

Would you like to do your bachelor internship or master thesis within technical or industrial automation? ICT Group might be the right place for you. Every year ICT Group offers a large group of students the opportunity to complete their studies with a high-quality technical assignment. Whether you are interested in embedded technology, AI, Machine Learning or IoT? There is bound to be a great assignment for you and perhaps a great job after graduation.

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About HyTEPS: experts in power quality
Continuous developments are taking place in the areas of energy transition, digitalization, globalization, and circular economy. These developments come with challenges. A reliable supply of electricity is essential for technological developments that make our world a cleaner, safer, and better place. HyTEPS, founded in 2007, optimizes the energy efficiency, reliability, and safety of customers’ electrical installations. HyTEPS operates on the Business-to-Business market for a number of the world’s largest companies, in a wide range of sectors: from industry, maritime and government to data centers and healthcare facilities. 


Through knowledge, innovation, and high-quality solutions, HyTEPS is making a significant contribution to energy transition, electrification, and stability of electricity supply. After all, no one should have to worry about the availability and safety of electricity. By analyzing and solving Power Quality phenomena such as Harmonics, problems within electrical installations are prevented, risks reduced, efficiency improved, and safety ensured. We help develop approaches for energy saving and optimization and provide comprehensive analyses and recommendations. We have all the knowledge and equipment needed for this in-house. 

Great opportunities for electrical engineering students
We firmly believe in sharing knowledge. The HyTEPS Power Competence Centre regularly teaches at TU/E, at Avans University of Applied Sciences. We also provide 'in company' training courses, for example for large installers. We give seminars and webinars on a wide range of topics and publish regularly in trade journals and through our own channels.
People are key to our organization. Our highly-educated, qualified and enthusiastic teams support clients with know-how, services, and technologically innovative products. All our positions and daily activities are based on three pillars:

1.      Development: we offer you the possibility to work in a fascinating, highly specialized market and continuously keep developing.
2.      Challenges: you act as a partner for our customers solving problems that can be challenging to track down at first.
3.      Variety: every day is different, and your work offers freedom, variation, and autonomy.
We’re always looking for students who would like to carry out internships and projects with us, as well as new employees. Would you like to work towards an energy-efficient future with us? Would you like to gain experience with an employer who values diversity, independence, and quality? Follow in the footsteps of dozens of students! Check out what we have to offer and contact us today. Or drop by and meet us!
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