Het Tappersgilde is the group of awesome people who make sure that Het Walhalla can open every weekday. Without them, you would not be able to enjoy a nice cold drink in the best bar in Eindhoven. Each day in Het Walhalla has its own team of Tappers who give that day its own personality. Come by for a drink and find out which day is your favourite! (Which would of course be all of them!)

Meeuwis van den Hoek
Marrit Jen Hong Li
Niek Brekelmans
Roel Wijnands
Noud Jacobs
Joost Visser
Mike Zanderink
Jasper Beerentemfel
Nick Verstegen
Lucia Kalkman
Twan Luijten
Britt Vermeulen
Gabriël Nusselder
Thom Copier
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To celebrate the growth of our department, the department will host a big party: PartEE! You are welcome to join this party on the 11th of May in front of our beautiful building (Flux field) from 17:00 until 22:00. There will be free food and free drinks, so be sure to sign up for this.
Besides the free drinks and free food, there will also be two live bands and a DJ playing that evening, to make this party even more fabulous. 
You can subscribe using your student mail up until the PartEE is over, and the subscriptions will be checked on which department you’re from.

You'll get a confirmation in your email with your personal QR-code

Thursday 11-05-2023
17:00 - 22:00

Thor vs Wodan

The F.O.R.T, the bar of the study association Japie has challenged Thor to a number of games in Het Walhalla for their lustrum! There will be multiple games to play like blindly drafting a meter, Nordic battleship and more. Everyone is allowed to participate. 

The activity starts at 17:00 but the main course of the activity will only start at 17:30 so you don’t have to miss any of your lectures. There will be some snacks during the activity but having a hefty lunch/early dinner would be advised.

So if fun, games, competing, meeting new people while having a drink sounds like something for you, come by for Thor vs Wodan and battle for the win!

Het Walhalla
Friday 31-03-2023
16:30 - 20:00

Tappersopdracht Max: '' De Klonkieluider van de Notre-Dame''

You all know that Quasimodo is a bit ugly however he has had a lucky break recently.
He has gotten the opportunity to save his beloved Esmeralda from the claws of Claude Frollo, who is going to try and kill his beloved.
However since Quasimodo is so ugly and stupid, he has requested the help of his only friends, the three Gargoyles inside of the Notre-Dame!

The Gargoyles have thought hard about how to defeat Claude Frollo and could only think of one logical answer: A Klonkie!
However Quasimodo cannot do this on his own.
He will need the help of the people to revolt against this Klonkie-hating maniac!

So please come and assist Quasimodo and his three Gargoyles in Het Walhalla on the 4th of April from 16:30-19:00. And maybe Quasimodo will succeed in defeating Claude Frollo!!

Het Walhalla
Tuesday 04-04-2023
16:30 - 19:00

Tappersopdracht Mathieu: "Napoleon BornToPartayy"

Napoleon BornToPartayy is most known for his impressive military tactics, under-average penis size, and conquering many lands. But not many people know that Napoleon BornToPartayy conquered the dance floor with just as much ease. 
Unfortunately, the DJ had it out for him, he knew that Napoleon could not dance to the song Waterloo. But after nearly 2 centuries, Napoleon BornToPartayy has returned to once again show that he is able to conquer the dance floor and to spite the old dead DJ he will do an amazing performance of Waterloo by ABBA. To make sure that his army is prepared to conquer the dance floor and stratum, he will serve Croque Mathieu's, and make sure that the Guillotine is ready for action!!
But Napoleon BornToPartayy can’t do this alone. He needs his soldiers to help him recover from the worst defeat in his entire career so come join in Het Walhalla on May 3rd from 16:30 to 19:00!

Het Walhalla
Wednesday 03-05-2023
16:30 - 19:00