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The name DIODE is an acronym for ‘Discovering Incredibly Outstanding Danish Electronics’. This name shows the interest in exploring a foreign country and the curiosity about what it has to offer. One part of this curiosity could be the technological and business aspects but of course, it also shows an interest in the cultural aspects of the country. For Denmark, both aspects are equally met, as it has a well-maintained scientific and technological industry and an interesting socially progressive culture.

Just like the Diode, Denmark has a long history of science and technological innovation. Denmark is therefore contributing to a wide range of international science projects and was ranked 10th in the Global innovation index in 2022. The country is a long-time leader in wind energy and cares a lot about life science. The pioneers in this field are clustered together around Copenhagen in the so-called Medicon Valley.

The participating students will learn about the opportunities that electrical engineering has to offer, while also discovering a different culture and city during the fun, but also educational DIODE Study Trip.



In July 2023, a group of 30 Electrical Engineering and Automotive Technology students will go on a study trip to the beautiful country of Japan. The name of the study trip is Denryu, which means Electric current in Japanese. This reveals a bit of the nature of the study trip, as the trip will focus it’s excursions to companies and universities who have their field of interest in Electrical Engineering and Automotive Technology. Japan lends itself great for that as it is a technologically advanced country. Of course, Japan is also very cultural and traditional. So next to that the students will visit some cultural activities to see all the beauties Japan has to offer.



Shamrock is the English word for the seamróg, an Irish national symbol. The Shamrock is a three-leaved clover and is therefore, contrary to the famous four-leaved clover, not a symbol for good luck. Originating from the patron of Ireland, St. Patrick, the Shamrock is more often used for faith, as the three leaves are used to represent various trinities such as the holy trinity and the three virtues.
The study trip, named SHAMROCK, will take around 30 electrical engineering students to Dublin and show them all this city has to offer: culture, universities, but also, which is lesser known about Dublin, a lot of technological companies. 60 years ago, IBM opened their first European office in Ireland, which led to a now booming tech industry in and around the city. Companies such as Intel, Dell, Fujitsu, and Siemens are a part of the tech-scene in Dublin, which makes it earn its nickname ‘Silicon Docks’.
The students will learn about the opportunities that electrical engineering has to offer, while also discovering a different culture and city during the fun, but also educational SHAMROCK Study Trip.



A group of 30 Electrical Engineering and Automotive Technology students and 2 employees from the department of Electrical Engineering will participate in a wonderful tour to the distant China to explore this country in all greatness from an educational, industrial and cultural point of view, especially in the (electrical and automotive) engineering and research fields. During this unforgettable experience, students will experience the similarities and differences in culture, and meet people and companies that would otherwise be unreachable.



The 2019 EAGLE study trip is organised by a committee formed within study association Thor. The committee consists of five students from Eindhoven University of Technology’s department of Electrical Engineering.



BAT is the foreign excursion from Thor to Romania during the carnaval break. It is organised by six enthusiastic students. Together we strive towards organizing a great trip, where everybody will be able to enjoy the universities, companies and of course the culture of Romania

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In July 2017, 30 students and 2 employees of the department of Electrical Engineering of Eindhoven University of Technology will embark on an intercontinental journey to Russia and South Korea. The purpose of this tour is to acquaint the students with the international approach to (electrical) engineering, the automotive industry and scientific research. This tour will also highlight the differences and similarities in culture, give students the opportunity to get to know people and companies they would otherwise never meet and hopefully create friendships and connections across the globe. For more information, visit the website.



Study trip to Czech Republic



What is Prosperando?
Prosperando is the name of a study tour, organized by the study association Thor of Electrical Engineering and Automotive at Eindhoven, University of Technology.
What does Prosperando mean?
Prosperando means flourishing in Portugese and represents the industrial and economic growth of Brazil.
Where will the Prosperando study trip go to?
The study tour will go to Brazil and to be more exact, we are planning to visit the cities Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Campinas. Furthermore the Iguaçu falls and the meeting of the rivers in Manaus are beauties of nature which we want to see with our own eyes.
What is the goal of the study tour?
We want to acquaint participants and ourselves with the upcoming Brazilian industry and technology. Besides that we want to experience the Brazilian culture and see the beautiful nature.
For more information visit the website.



On the 28th of November 2012, Thor will celebrate its 55th anniversary. To celebrate this important milestone, many activities will be held including this study tour. During the first quarter of 2013, 30 students will get the opportunity to venture into the United Kingdom for 7 days. Here they will discover the future of "The Connected World" through various excursions at interesting companies and research facilities.



Study Trip to Germany with the theme Automotive



Satori is a study tour organized by the student association Thor of Electrical Engineering at Eindhoven, University of Technology.
What does Satori mean? 
Satori stands for Study tour Acquainting Thor with ORiental Innovation and is a Japanese Buddhist term for "enlightenment". When one has reached "satori", he is in a state of deeper understanding. Satori has a deep and positive meaning in Japanese culture and reflects what we thrive to achieve with our project.
What is the theme of the study tour? 
The theme of the tour is "sustainability and innovation". The world is currently dealing with many issues such as global temperature changes and rising energy prices. Sustainability is therefore a much debated topic. In the past, global warming was not yet an issue and technology for a green world did not exist. Innovation is now needed to make our world green again.
For more information visit the website.



The theme of this study tour is “China: from Silk Road to Silicon Valley”. Ancient China is well known for its great inventions. With breakthroughs like the compass and papermaking it was a great scientific nation. In the 20th Century China became well known for its cheap mass production and at this moment China is changing more and more to a country that develops high-tech products by itself. During the tour we will examine the results of these developments.
The aim of the study tour is to map the characteristic qualities that China shows with regard to the development of (electro)technical products. We will focus on the different phases that occur in the process from idea to final product. For this you can think of research, development, design, production and (after)sales. For all these steps we will discover how they are implemented in China, and what we can learn of this. In a larger point of view we will stimulate the participants to face challenges with a broader perspective.
For more information visit the website.



Wednesday July 18th: Departure from Amsterdam Airport at 19.10 o'clock.
July 19th: Arrival in Johannesburg at 9.25 o'clock, sightseeing in Pretoria
July 20th: Visit of the university of Pretoria
July 21st: Free day in Pretoria
July 22nd: Visit Soweto
July 23rd: Company visit CMG
July 24th: Company visit Kentron Missile systems in Johannesburg
July 25th: Visit of the Goldmines
July 26th: Company visit Coal power plant
July 27th: Visit Rand Afrikaans University in Johannesburg
July 28th: Bus Johannesburg - Durban
July 29th: Visit Oemfelosi wildpark near Durban
July 30th: Visit Zululand
July 31st: Visit Alusaf Aluminium Industry
August 1st: Flight Durban - Port Elisabeth (12.25 - 13.45 o'clock)
August 2nd: Visit to a car factory
August 3rd: Visit Addo Elephant Wildpark near Port Elisabeth
August 4th: Bus Port Elisabeth to Kaapstad
August 5th: Visit Winefarm on the Wine route near Kaapstad
August 6th: Visit Stellenbosch University
August 7th: Visit Cape Town, Table Mountain, Cape of Good Hope
August 8th: Company Visit Kentron Nuclear power station Koeberg
August 9th: Departure Cape Town Airport to Amsterdam at 19.35 o'clock
Friday August 10th: Arrival at Amsterdam Airport at 12.55 o'clock.