Food has been bought and the number of participants has been capped at 80

The sky is blue, the drinks are cold, let's do a BBQ! 

For this occasion, Het Walhalla will move outside and provide the BBQ guests with drinks! 

For  only €10 you can enjoy the following BBQ dishes:
  • Spareribs which have been cooked for 36 hours
  • (vegetarian) hamburger sandwich
  • Various meats
  • Stuffed pointed pepper with or without bacon
  • Peach halloumi skewers
  • Corn cobs
  • Marinated mushrooms
  • Various sides

Non members can also subscribe. The price for non-members is the same.

In case of bad weather, the barbecue may get cancelled.

Markthal (in front of Metaforum)
Monday 06-05-2024
16:30 - 20:00