Laravel workshop

Do you want to be able to easily make your own dynamic websites, discord bots or many more internet facing systems? Then this is the workshop for you!

Laravel is an open source PHP web framework. Within Thor, almost all software which we have recently created ourselves is created using this framework, with website such as (where you are on right now!),,,, the tool for the Walhalla finances, the cash register, the membership database and more. 

The advantage of using Laravel, besides it's excellent features and extensive documentation, is that you can easily get help from other Thor members when you develop your own software, and you can work on Thor software within your committees easily, this could range from everything between a simple ACCI traingames website to working on the website you are currently looking at. Furthermore, it ensures that the application you created for Thor can be maintained by other people in the future.

Therefore we are organizing this Laravel workshop.

It is not required, but it would help if you understand the following concepts:
The workshop itself will contain the following topics:
  • Set up a simple development environment with your local website
  • Make this website show hello world
  • Laravel basics
    • What happens between a user typing in a URL and the page being displayed on your browser
    • Working with your database using Eloquent
    • Configuration
  • Build your own Blog using Laravel
  • Short overview of useful technologies
    • Livewire
    • CSS frameworks
    • Node.js
    • Laravel Nova and Filament
    • Composer
  • Logging into your blog using Bifrost
  • Roles and policies

Do any of these names confuse or scare you? Don't be afraid to ask any questions to us!

WebCo and Garmr
Colloquium 6
Wednesday 31-05-2023
09:00 - 12:30