Kvasir is the committee of Thor that organises events for Automotive and Electrical Engineering students in collaboration with companies. These events include excursions, workshops, lunch and pub lectures. The workshops focus on skills like writing your CV and how to present yourself to a company, but may also be of a more technical nature. The excursions and lectures show the job opportunities for students after graduation as well as possible internships, graduation projects and part-time jobs. 

As a member of Kvasir, you are tasked with the organisation of these events. You will make arrangements for the events as well as supervise the communication between Thor and the companies in question. Close contact with companies and the organisation of the events will lead to the development of skills such as planning, organising, communicating and presenting yourself.

Ivo Kraayeveld
Dorien Duyndam
Lucas van Bemmel
Niels van den Broek
Jasper Zwartjes
Gerbrand Wit
Loek Vlooswijk
Thor Abegg
Jilles Tils
Morgan van Tilburg
Eva Schreiber
Wouter Elenbaas
Koen Dijkstra
Max van Berkel
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ASML Lunch Lecture

‘Together with ASML Engineer Kara Meyer we’ll dive into the complex lithography systems that chipmakers use to produce integrated circuits - aka microchips. How do they end up as systems that achieve nanometer precision? Not without challenges! System Performance Engineers qualify and calibrate these machines so that they can perform according to the customer's demanding needs. Along the way many challenges are encountered and these need to be solved! How does ASML solve these challenges like a contaminated wafer?
Join the ASML lunch lecture on Wednesday February 15 to listen to a System Performance Engineer talk about working hands on with the machines on solving these challenges!’ 

Colloquium 6
Wednesday 15-02-2023
12:30 - 13:30