One of the important activities Thor organizes is a symposium. The goal of this conference is to discuss the advancement of technologies on a specific research area. Concerning the theme of the day lectures, workshops, discussions and demonstrations are organized. The committee consists of 4-6 persons.The symposium takes a whole day and is focused around an upcoming technology and is full of interesting company presentations, sometimes it is extended with a case study or a workshop. The committee mainly plans the lectures, but also various different activities like a case study or a workshop. The symposium ends with a networking drink. The target audience varies from bachelor/master students, PhD students to faculty employees. Another important part of the organization is fundraising. It is the main task of the committee to contact companies for sponsoring, to find speakers and to promote the symposium.Are you interested in getting experience in professionally contacting companies and obtaining management skills? Then the Symposium committee might be good for you.A brief description of the general tasks of the committee is described below.  For information about the symposium itself have a look at

The last symposium has been organised as part of the lustrum of Thor by the following members:

Thor Abegg
Dirk Buijvoets
Koen Dijkstra
Nicky Roijen
Max van Berkel
Gerbrand Wit