Lunch Lecture TNO

 TNO is an independent research institute that specialises in creating innovative solutions applicable for governmental and entrepreneurial purposes. This lunch lecture will have a focus on science and innovation on the front line.

Security can not be taken for granted. That’s why we’re putting our knowledge and technology to work to create innovations that will help ensure our continued peace and security. Whether it concerns defense, police, justice and security, business or others. We are the allies of military and security professionals. 

Safety is about experience and reality. Physical and digital. The threat is changing and is no longer tied to national borders. That is why it is important that we provide our partners with better guidance and preparation than anywhere else in the world, and with equipment that is always the most modern. Our field of activity moves between land, sea and air. Between cyber and space. We are pushing boundaries worldwide. With science and innovation on the front line. 

An employee with a background in electrical engineering will explain about TNO in general, how his group contributes to safety and security, and give insight in the kind of projects someone with an EE background could work on. 

Note: Subscribing after 12:30 pm on 23/04/2024 will not guarantee lunch. 

Neuron 0.266
Wednesday 24-04-2024
12:35 - 13:25